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Our Services

EM Plastic is an all in one source that provides many value added services to help our customers meet their product and application goals. Inquire with your local EM Plastic to see how our services can save time, reduce overall costs, and increase productivity!




Precision Cutting

EM Plastic has invested in automated cutting processes to save our customers time, reduce waste and lower overall costs. With over 50 years in plastic distribution our standards for servicing our customers with cut-to-size and custom orders are unmatched. We pride ourselves on tight tolerances, pinpoint accuracy, and exceptional edge quality while maintaining productivity without sacrificing quality. Inquire with your local sales representative on how our cut-to-size services will save you time and money!


Panel Saw Cutting

Our Horizontal Panel Saws offer an automated cutting process with rpm control, variable blade adjustment, and advanced guide systems. This cutting process promotes faster speeds to make sure your orders are cut on time. Our equipment provides single sheet and volume cutting capabilities with all of our stocked plastic sheet. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, Foamboard, ACM, ABS are a few great options for custom cut orders. Inquire with your local sales representative about your next custom cut order!


Reel Stock Cutting

Polycarbonate sheet is the material of choice for the Sign Industry. EM Plastic stocks both polycarbonate sheet and continuous reel stock up to 300’. Sign Grade polycarbonate offers UV resistant coating, impact strength and maintains durability even in the most extreme temperatures. We proudly support Sign Makers by offering cut-to-size polycarbonate panels for any sign cabinet with custom cut lengths. Standard widths are 52”, 64”, 76” and 100”. Inquire with your local sale representative about you next custom cut polycarbonate sheet!



Routing Service

EM Plastic has a proven track record of producing high quality routed parts on time. The art of creating a routed smooth edge on multiple substrates requires precision, experience and proper equipment. Our multi-axis CNC routers aid in producing complex shapes and designs with great dimensional stability. We can manage tight tolerances and intricate shapes with high repeatability due to our advanced technology and experienced machine operators. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, styrene and PVC are great materials for converting into custom parts. Inquire with your local representative for accepted File Formats and other capabilities.




Drilling and tapping plastic is a common request among our customers. EM plastic works closely with our premiere manufactures to help educate ourselves and our customers on best fabrication practices to consider when drilling plastic. Take the risk out of fabricating and let our expert operators to the drilling! Inquire with your local sales representative today about our drilling capabilities.

 Drilling Tips: How to Minimize Heat when Drilling Plastic

 The thermal insulating characteristics of plastics requires one to take a few special precautions that are not as common when machining metals especially when hole depths are greater than twice the diameter. Excessive heat build-up at the drill-plastic interface is the enemy and should be minimized. The use of flood coolants, peck drilling and special “slow spiral” drills are all helpful in evacuating heat for the cutting interface. The proper choice of tooling, feed rate, RPM and coolant will enhance the surface finish and tolerances of IDs while prolonging the life of tooling.

 Small Diameter Holes (less than 1″ diameter)

High speed steel twist drills are generally suitable for most materials. In order to help with swarf removal frequent pull-out or peck drilling is suggested. A slow spiral (low helix) drill will help swarf removal. Feed rates will vary by material but in general range from .007 inches/rev. to .025 inches per rev. for all sizes less than 1″ diameter. These feed rates are based on our recommended speed of 150 to 200 feet/minute.

Very small holes (less than .032″ diameter) are best drilled using circuit board drills especially for harder high temperature materials. The flute length of these drills range between .080″ and.312″ so they are only suitable for thin gage materials. The stability of these circuit board drills is superior so tolerance control is helped.

 Large Diameter Holes (greater than and equal to 1″ diameter)

A slow spiral (low helix) drill is suggested. A general purpose drill bit ground to a 118° point angle with 9-15° lip clearance can also be used with good results. The pip rake should be ground and the web thinned to help swarf removal. We suggest using a pilot hole of .5″ maximum diameter drilled using 600-1000 rpm and a positive feed rate of .005 to .015 inches/rev. Secondary drilling at 400-500 RPMs and a feed rate of .008-.020 inches/rev. is suggested to increase the diameter of the hole.

 A 2-step drilling and boring sequence is often recommended for hard, notch sensitive materials. This procedure will minimize heat build-up and reduce the risk of cracking. The most common sequence involves:

  1. Drilling a 1″ diameter hole using an insert drill at 500 to 800 RPM with a feed rate of .005 to .015 inches per rev.
  2. Bore the hole to final dimension using a boring bar with carbide insert with a .015-.030″ radius at 500 to 1000 RPM and a feed rate of .005 to .010 inches per rev.


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Assembly & Fabrication


Assembly & Kitting Services

EM is a single source solution for cost-effective kitting and assembly. We understand the expansive needs of customers, therefore we are able to offer the best method of assembly for a low-cost investment with high quality results. Our assembly services include manual assembly, chemical bonding, welding, gluing and fastening. We are also able to supply our customers with kitted assemblies in specified packaging to give our customers exactly what they need. 

Polished Finish

EM’s fabrication team can produce flawless edge finishes with our polishing capabilities. Creating an optical clear edge on acrylic requires special skill. Acrylic is known for its clarity and light transmittance but due to its fragile make up, achieving optical clarity is dependent on the skill of the operator. At EM Plastic we have mastered multiple polishing techniques to make sure our customers stay repeat customers!


Plastic sheets can be bent by either heating or cold bending. At EM Plastic we can supply you the raw material and recommend the best bending method to achieve your desired result.

Cold Bending

Cold bending is a great solution for creating curves and bends out of flat sheet stock. Many thermoplastic materials can be bent by hand or by using metal folding equipment. One of the benefits of cold bending plastic is the integrity of the sheet remains intact. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG and PVC are all great material options for cold bending. Sheets thinner than 3/16” are best for cold bending applications.

Heat bending

Heat bending is a popular process among our customers due to the low tooling costs, quick set up and uniform results. With heat bending, we are able to meet multiple angles and configurations based on customer request. The heat bending process allows thermoplastic sheets to be re-molded or formed. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, ABS and PVC are great material options for heat bending.

Custom Stocking Programs


Custom Stocking Programs

At EM Plastic we truly believe our success is led by partnership, trust and the commitment we have to our customers. We have been in business for 50 years, a lot has changed, but our values and devotion to our customers have not. Our responsibility as experts in Sign and Graphics is to educate our customers on new materials, recommend products based on application requirements, and most importantly have the materials you need readily available.

It is our job is to create material solutions that best fit with your business. In doing so, we have the autonomy to create Custom Stocking Programs. These custom programs reduce excess inventory, decrease upfront costs, and allows us to work together to strategize deliverables. We value our customers and their businesses, therefore this an extra service we believe distinguishes us above the rest. Inquire about how our custom stocking program can help add value to your business operations today!

Packaging & Delivery


Packaging & Delivery Services

At EM Plastics we take pride in how our material is packaged and delivered. It is our job to insure the delivery of your product is correct, consolidated, protected, palletized and most importantly, on time! We understand how important communication is and the impact our materials have on your business. At EM Plastic we are proud of our on time delivery rate and work diligently to stock materials based on our customers and market needs.  

 Next-day delivery is the standard lead time for all stocked materials at EM Plastic. As we mentioned, we work best when our customers are successful! With that being said, Same-day delivery is an additional delivery option to guarantee our customers success.

 At every EM Location we offer a same-day, next-day or scheduled pick-up option. With 9 warehouses across Canada our local teams enjoy servicing and building further relationships with our customers from our pick-up counters. This is a great option for fast and reliable service!