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Canada's trusted experts in sign & graphic distribution for over 50 years.

Our Story


EM Plastic has been serving the Sign, Graphic, Screen Printing, Display, and Industrial Markets for over 50 years. With nine fully stocked Distribution Warehouses in major cities across Canada, EM is the material provider of choice. EM Plastic is known for best in class customer service and is recognized for its dependable and knowledgeable staff.

Canada's first plastic and electrical distributor, our value and reputation is built on our customer commitment, knowledgeable sales support and adaptability in the market. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing dedicated Inside Sales Representatives to our customers. We believe a consistent point of contact creates strong communication and a trusting relationship. At EM Plastic we are dedicated to the success of our customers, we understand the importance of communication, swift order processing, available stock, and material delivered on time.

Your one call resource, EM Plastic, takes it to the next level with custom cutting, sheeting/slitting, and routing services with 'in-house' state of the art conversion equipment. Our fabrication capabilities continue to create value for our customers by saving time and material costs. We provide same and next day delivery service with our trucks for local delivery.

EM Plastic sources materials from a range of trusted premium manufacturers, we represent our partners by providing local stock to our customers. Our success in distribution is attributed to the strategic partnerships and quality products we serve to the market.

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"Plastics." What is your gut reaction to this word? You are not alone if you immediately envision plastic bags from the grocery store and disposable water bottles. While consumer throw aways are a growing thorn in our global outlook, it is essential to distinguish that EM Plastic's contribution to the industry is quite different.

Industrial plastics are utilized in essential components for industries such as aerospace, medical, and semiconductor; and "green" recycled materials are a staple in the design and graphics sector where quality and sustainability combine for non-critical end uses. For 50 years, plastic has transitioned into parts of aircraft carriers. Medical plastics and used as knee and hip replacements, improving the lives of patients every day.  Bullet resistant materials protect private citizens, first responders, and military personnel around the world. Acrylic displays encase priceless museum artifacts for preservation's sake and enhance the viewer's experience.

At EM we play our responsible part in the use of plastics. The last piece of our puzzle is an industry-leading closed-loop industrial plastics recycling program, which last year recycled over 19 million pounds of plastic. At the end of its life, our plastic can be reborn into the next sheet generation to live its next 50 years forward.

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Why Work For Us?

EM Plastic is a Canadian distribution brand servicing the sign, graphic, screen printing, display and industrial markets with 9 fully stocked warehouses. We take pride in supporting our local markets and submerging ourselves in the community and supporting our customers. At EM Plastic our autonomy and empowerment is engrained in our values. Our success in distribution over the last 50 years is attributed to our amazing staff. Here at EM Plastic, our business model supports a team environment, grounded in the success of our customers. We are successful because we have fun, enjoy working as a team, and are empowered decision makers. Make a change today, and join our team!


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