Item #: 51813

Product Attributes


Color: WHITE

Finish: GLOSS 1 SIDE

Form Factor: SHEET

Length: 96 IN

Light Transparency: OPAQUE

Manufacturer: LAMINATORS, INC.


Material: WOOD

Texture: SMOOTH2

Thickness: 12.5 MM

Width: 48 IN

Product Description

We offer several wood and modified wood products to the sign and graphics industry. Wood and Wood composite materials are very different products. Plastic lumber products are made from a blend of plastics, the material is waterproof and suitable for any application where water resistance is critical. Plastic lumber products are used widely for outdoor decking, it is also used for molding, trim, garden furniture and park benches.

  • MDO is board used in the sign making industry. It is made of plywood, coated with outer layers of resin-impregnated kraft paper. This sign board has a white UV coating that produces the ultimate gloss and hardness. The other advantages of UV cure systems are excellent abrasion resistance, good product resistance and immediate cure.
  • Plywood is an engineered timber product that is widely used in the construction industry. Plywood is manufactured from three or more thin layers of wood veneer, plies, that are glued together to form a thicker, flat sheet. Plywood is extremely versatile product, and used for a wide range of structural, interior and exterior application – from framework to internal paneling. Polyurethane varnish is one of the best methods to seal plywood.